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Facility Design

Our goal is to custom design spaces for your specific location, using the knowledge gained daily, from visiting and designing fitness centers in all markets, from independent clubs, hospitality, municipalities, corporate facilities, multi-family, and more. Ensuring all is in ADA compliance, functional and maximized to offer best fit for the needs of your facility. In addition, we offer custom logos, frame color choices (depending on manufacturer), and upholstery colors which allows us to provide fully customized facilities.

Equipment Selection

We have carefully selected what we believe to be the best products in the industry. Recognizing that not every facility is the same, we don’t just assume one size fits all, but first assess and educate our customers on the options they have, and agree what the best fit is for the facility.

Onsite Assessments

One misconception that many of our customers have, is that equipment must be replaced before it is necessary. We offer free assessments of your current equipment, measuring age, life expectancy, repairs and maintenance which may be needed, current ADA compliance concerns, equipment value, and more. We will leave you with a score card and are always happy to quote our customer on new equipment for future reference.

3-D Design Rendering

After the design and layout stage of our process, we also offer 3D design. We recommend and provide 3D pictures with multiple angles, colors, and layouts, so there is an almost exact visual of what the finished product would look like. We work with interior designers and architects to make sure that expectations are properly set.

Delivery, Installation, and Removal

Our goal is to make everything seamless for our customers. When it comes to existing or new facilities, we professionally deliver, assemble, test, remove old equipment, and clean trash after installation. We recognize that not all projects are the same. Therefore, we will complete a site survey prior to installation to be sure there are no surprises on delivery.

New Construction Management

When a project is under new construction, we take the time to not only speak with the contractor throughout the process, but we also make onsite visits to ensure proper electrical, blocking, and flooring requirements are all met to ensure timely completion and minimize unforeseen complications.

Servicing & Maintenance

Much like a motor vehicle, fitness equipment has moving parts that wear and tear over time. However, preventative maintenance can significantly increase the life expectancy of your equipment. We have highly trained technicians who perform onsite maintenance, according to the manufacturers guidelines, to maximize equipment use and proactively avoid unforeseen failures.

Flooring Services

Depending on the size and type of your facility, we can supply and install flooring for just about any project. There are a variety of colors and options to choose from and we can offer just about any solution for your flooring needs.

Grand Opening Party

After installation is complete, we offer the opportunity to come out the day the facility opens and help support and educate those who will be using the club. This is great time to get waivers signed and answer any questions for those who will be using the facility. We will provide onsite equipment demonstrations to ensure those using the equipment will be fully education on the fitness equipment.

Markets We Serve

Busy Body Commercial offers the best selection of equipment, but we further push and challenge the fitness industry by offering the highest quality and services in the market today. We have been serving the north DFW area for over 30 years.

  • Multi-Family
  • Corporate Offices
  • Independent Clubs
  • Country Clubs
  • Police & Fire Departments
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Hotels
  • Schools & Universities
  • Medical Facilites
  • Municipalities
  • New Development
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